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2006.05.09 FHM June 2006 Edition


Sex and concerts aren't all you can do outdoors this summer.
Cold weather has faded away into summer, taking with it any last excuse you have for staying in the house in self-imposed, gaming exile. Unless you're tight with the American Dermatological Association, friends will soon be dragging you outside to enjoy the sun. Make the most of UV radiation with these portables.

» For PSP
Like yellow in the shallow end, sidekick spin-offs are to be avoided. But, this platformer starring Jak's second fiddle looks promising, boasting unlockables, wireless multiplayer, minigames and 15 hours of gameplay -- long enough to give your sunburn a tan.

Ultimate Ghosts 'n Goblins
This throwback action game brings back Sir Arthur -- star of the '85 coin-op classic, Ghosts 'n Goblins -- in a 3-D, wraith-slaying sidescroller. While fun, the game is very tough. As if the combination of a shameful physique and a Speedo wasn't already wreaking havoc on your feelings of inadequacy.

» For Nintendo DS
Metroid Prime: Hunters
This touch-screen first-person shooter is perfect for the beach. Just don't confuse your mission to collect crystals spread throughout the galaxy with Grandpa's mission to collect loose change spread throughout the beach with a metal detector.

New Super Mario Bros.
If coordination "isn't really your thing," forgo a game of backyard Wiffle Ball for a patch of shade and your old pals Mario and Luigi -- after all, they can't point and laugh. This all-new pipe-diving epic will delight fans of the NES original and has enough updated content to hold the interest of any gamer. Until an errant line drive tattoos a raspberry on your face.
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